Before photo is below & after photo is to the right. Pictured in the after photo from left to right: Great Horned Owl carved from Birch, Boreal Owl carved from Basswood, Great Horned Owl carved from Pine and Sharp-Shinned Hawk carved from Birch.

June 2018: Sharp-Shinned Hawk carved from Birch. This was one of four half-sized carvings I made for the 2018 Walk in the Woods Art Fair.

May 2014: Sharp-shinned Hawk carved from Birch.


A tiny hawk that appears in a blur of motion—and often disappears in a flurry of feathers. That’s the Sharp-shinned Hawk, the smallest hawk in North America and a daring, acrobatic flier. These raptors have distinctive proportions: long legs, short wings, and very long tails, which they use for navigating their deep-woods homes at top speed in pursuit of songbirds and mice. They’re easiest to spot in fall on their southward migration, or occasionally at winter feeders.


Saint Germain, WI 54558, USA